I believe when you’re creative you are always searching for that one “great” outlet.

Creative people usually have one or more outlets for their creativity. 

For me, going from “there” to “here” has been an interesting path of writing, painting, interior design, and fashion.


It is said “what goes around comes around” and it's certainly true when it comes to finding your creative path. If there is something you loved doing when you were younger, it is often the same thing you “discover” you love doing when you’re older.


If you’ve ever been to Nova Scotia you will understand where my inspiration for gemstones came from.

During a short holiday I fell in love with the beaches and the natural gifts of the earth – miles and miles of coastline filled with stones of all shapes, patterns, and each one so unique in their color and meaning. 

For me, creating gemstone bracelets combines my love of color, texture and design.

They are a blend of my passion for art & fashion with a sprinkle of bling thrown in. 


They are Mother Earths jewelry - Inspired by the coastlines of Nova Scotia, lovingly made in Toronto, Ontario.

I hope you love wearing them as much as I have loved making them.