Rose Quartz - The Love Stone

Rose Quartz - The Love Stone

If LOVE is what you hope to attract Rose Quartz is for you!

Known as the stone of "Unconditional Love", Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra, the planet Venus and is the zodiac stone for Taurus and Libra. 

Worn close to the skin, Rose Quartz encourages us to forgive and have compassion for others by opening our hearts to all love - love of self, our families, friends and of course, romantic love.

It is known as the romance stone - used to attract new love or maintain a current love. The soothing energy helps heal a broken heart and teaches us forgiveness and tolerance not only for others but for ourselves also. 

It is believed that Rose Quartz is so effective in drawing love to you that it often needs Amethyst to calm things down! 

Keep the Stone of Love close to you by wearing one of Willow Pond's Rose Quartz Gemstone Bracelets. 




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