The Power of Your Thoughts

The Power of Your Thoughts

Where thoughts and intentions abide, energy follows. Ever notice how you might be thinking of someone you haven't seen or heard from in awhile and boom - they call you or you bump into them that day or the next. Some would argue that this is just a coincidence - It's not. It is one example of the energetic power of your thoughts.

Whatever we think about or give meaning to - energy, good or bad follows. 



The meanings associated with gemstones and crystals serve as reminder of our thoughts and intentions.

Fans of gemstone therapy believe that the stones carry specific vibrations and have the ability to channel good energy to the person who wears them.

I often wear a gemstone bracelet of Lava and Howlite. I know that one of the main properties attributed to Howlite is "patience" and that Lava is a grounding stone. Do wearing these stones bring me "down to earth" and give me more "patience"? Yes, they do!  

Knowing the gemstones' meanings, I set my thoughts and intentions as soon as I slip the bracelet onto my wrist.

Throughout the day when I find myself losing patience in a situation or with others, just glancing down at the bracelet reminds me to be a little more patient and take a chill pill. 

Other times I have worn a Rose Quartz bracelet (which stands for self-love and unconditional love) and I've found myself having more empathy and love towards others and not being so hard on them or myself. 

Coincidence? I think not. 

Do they work? Yes they do.

Because I've given the stones meaning in my life and have focused my energy and thoughts on that meaning - they work. Because I believe they do.  

They can for you too.



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